2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue Questions

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Thermostat was recently replaced. Still losing all antifreeze I put in it and running way hot pretty much all the time now. Even on short 5 minute drive to store. It will not hold antifreeze or water. An almost steady leak from somewhere now. Would really like to know if replacing the water pump is even worth trying. Please help and thank you for your time with this. Really need this car to last a few more months!
When I try to start it all the lights come on correctly but all I get is a click. Then I keep turning it off and on without turning the key completely. After I do that several times real slow it eventually starts. It didn't use to do it as much when I St bought it. Now it's gotten worse. I'm not a mechanic and don't know most of the talk when it gets pass the basic parts. I would like to know if I should go straight for the starter or the ignition switch? Thanks in advance
My car a 2000 oldsmoble intrige is over heating after i replaced the termoustate what do i do now
Also if I hit a bump, it REALLY fishtales.
I'm on disabled and on disability.PLEASE , PLEASE,HELP ME ..
Changed thermostat and new antifreeze and car still overheats..wat do I do..??
My 2000 olds has been trying to start with no key in the ignition, I though it was starter but replaced that- and still trying to start with no key in ignition. Only to stop is thus far is to either disconnect positive cable, or crank it and then take the crank fuse out after starting it up. Otherwise it would just knock and lights come on for check engine or anything g.
I can turn it on and nothing works. No air comes out at all. Please help. What can it be
track off light comes on why?
Performed an oil, transmission, and cooling fluids change, New fuses, starter, battery, spark plugs.Someone please help me...
I've been told by GM dealer I need a new one @ $1100.
My anti freeze is coming out my overflow but not over heating.
If there is where is it located
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