1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue Questions

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there is a high pitch squealing sound coming from under hood

a couple months ago I started to notice the front was making noise, like a loud rumbling/humming.
Any ideas??

My back blinkers work fine but my front blinkers do not, it is not the front light bulbs because I have changed them a couple times.
Could it be a burned out fuse or what??
Please help, Thank you

It worked going to the store when I came out and turned it on it wouldn't come on

He showed me by placing a metal ball on motor and it rolled. Said right mount was out. It shakes a little but not much in stop and go traffic but great on highway.

Simplify my previous question, why is the fuel gage hand stuck behind the fuel pin on top??, how can I reset this so it is back to the correct level?? Thank you

I tried opening up my fuse box,to see if a fuse was shot , I noticed a live connection wire/cord connected to the top of the fuse box so I decided to leave it alone.I noticed my fuel gage pin was out of wack and my clock was set off time, I reset the clock but the fuel gage needle still is out of wack. How do I fix this/reset the fuel gage needle at the correct level? is there a fuse for this?
Thank you
I feel uncomfortable when I can't see my fuel gage level correctly

I had the blower motor replaced three weeks ago because the old one was making loud noise but was still blowing out heat/AC, now I only get air coming out for defrost and not my side vents. Why????

I had a couple codes appear p0706,p1404. Would either of these two codes cause a vehicle to start then stop. I'm getting fire,and fuel. The car will sometimes run for a few minutes then cut off.I have replaced coil packs, plugs, wires, I also replace the crankshaft position sensor about a year ago.not sure what to do next

car wasrunning just fine shut it off and now have nothing at all was using original key then swapped to a key i had made

I have two checks engine fans