1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Questions

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My 97 Cutlass Supreme has recently begun having serious issues.

For the past month or so there has been a steady coolant leak. We have not had the money to bring it to the shop so we have kept it topped up. The coolant only leaks when the car is running.

Yesterday, the car stopped running, and because our gas gauge does not work well I thought we were out of gas. After refilling it the car would not stay running. It would turn over fairly easily at times but it would not idle comfortably - it would accelerate and decelerate on its own for 30 seconds or so until it stopped running on its own. It was at this time other the oil lamp light, and battery light came on.

We are trying to anticipate how much we will save for repairs. Does anyone have any idea what the problem(s) could be?

Thanks in advance.
Changed all plugs and wires. Was driving down road loss power then died. No restart after that.
Issue: Door locks keep trying to activate while I am driving and then for a few minutes after I switch off the car. Sometimes all, sometimes just a random one. I opened door handle and there looks to be a double set pin system. I went to AutoZone and they said they don't carry a part for this. I am trying to search online but I can't tell what part I actually need. Can anyone help?
When checking the oil it reads empty so i added it some drove from work (4mi) car just shut off & wont start. Gave it a day to sit & then it started so i drove it (2mi) back to my home & just as i got to my turn it died & auto zone says its the oil pumo
I am driving down the road and all of a sudden the transmission feel like it in neutral but it is in drive. I push on gas peddle and it does nothing. I then have to turn off the engine for a minute then start the car again. I continue once again but a couple minutes later it does the same thing again.It took me 6 tries of doing this and I only went 2 miles down the road .
On the right side the always on filament blinks, but the blinker filament is always off. We have installed new bulbs and a new flasher. The voltages to the bulb socket are wrong, one is the correct 12V, the other is 5.6V and should be a blinking 0V to 12V. What is likely to be the problem?
The water in radiator isnt circulating instead its pumping water out once full. Is this the thermostat or water pump?
Turn headlights on, defrost turns off, dash lights off, while headlights on, apply brakes and headlights blink?
When I go to start my car, it doesnt crank or start, makes not one sound at all. Does that mean that my starter went bad?
it seems like my car is dead I get nothing when I turn the key
Noticed like a metal grinding noise in the front of the car. First noticed when it was idling, stopped when I started driving. Then noticed it every time I started the car as well and would cease seconds after and drive just fine. Noticed it first after a roughly 60 mile drive at Interstate speeds.
I want to gain access to the cradle bolt nut without taking it all apart. I have the new nut and bolt, but I don't want the big expense of taking it to a shop. I want to do it myself.
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