1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Questions

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It's just in the center and no where else to indicate it's getting leaked in from somewhere above.
I took my car on a 334 mile trip today in hot weather driving 80mph on interstate and when i ran my a.c. the temp gauge would go high but never over the line into red. So i would go back and forth with turning the a.c. on and off due to the gauge . it always went down when I turned off a.c.. I got 230 miles into trip and all of a sudden my temp gauge fastly went into red and the hot light came on it took me about 2 miles to stop safely and the car was smoking severly I thought the car was in fire under the hood. So I stopped and shit it off and opened hood immediately. Let it sit for about 45minutes after it cooled off I added water to radiator and started it... (The gauge was down in cool ) so it was safe to try and nothing leaked out when i filled radiator until I started it and then everything I put in leaked out with antifreeze... My question is... Is it the water pump or hose?
the scanner show either cyl.1 misfire or mult.misfire it does it whenever runs good for awhile & then crappy for awhile u don't have to do anything to it & it will run fine
Acts as though it is flooding out or some type of sluggish throttle reaction.
Trying to figure out if i have vats or the passkey i heard the old screwdriver method might work on the passkey models but not for vats ... I have the squar chipped key idk if that makes a diffrence n if i do trip the security can i bypass it in anyway??
All lug nuts are off. There seems to be something in the center of the wheel holding it on.
the heater hose is hot on 1 side going to the heater core, but cool on the other side. How do you get to the heater controls under the dash? Is there a valve controlling the flow of coolant going thru the heater core?
I've replaced pvc line and still the code remains the same.please help me.I also have that issue with when I turn on my lights head or park my dash lights goes out.
replaced a/c compressor, condenser etc and now wont start.
Double checked all wires etc. all hooked up
found I had 3 volts to fuel pump but no pressure at fuel rail so I replaced the fuel pump
Still wont start
Do I need to reset computer?
Oil is leaking into my overflow, been cleaned out and a sealant put in, it helped for awhile. Has never over heated but heats up if i have to idle too long. Then cools down when moving. Dont want to be ripped off. How long to fix and about how much? Its a cutless supreme.
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