1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Questions

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Can i fix this issue myself?
I have a 95 oldsmobile supreme with 52k mile. It has a rebuilt transmission with only 7k miles on it. On a interstate drive home from school, the rpms dipped a couple times but with no real discernible effects. When almost home, I turned onto a side road going up a incline, and the car`s acceleration dropped to nearly non existent ( struggling up a small hill at 20 mph, momentum carried me most of it ) and it started shaking bad enough it felt like my front tires had gone totally flat. Almost home, I kept going, and when I let off the acceleration the problem stopped, then after a short period of normal acceleration, did the same thing. It continued bad enough the next day I had it towed instead.
My shop looked things over, it did the same thing to him, diagnosis was a likely transmission problem. Had it towed to trans shop ( under warranty ) and the problem had stopped by next day when he looked at it.
I fueled up on way home before it started.
Used fuel stabilizer after problems
Lost key and I need to know where can I get new key or buy key switch ignition change difference key to start the car
When the car has been warmed up at a stop the engine goes from 500 to 1500 RPM and sometimes stalls completely. I tried the Idle relearn procedure without success. Service Engine Soon light is always on. Runs well when driving.
I put in a new turn signal switch and the lights still don't work
The problem just started.
had it towed home. Now it will start right up however runs really rough and oil light still on. Oil show's full. What could it be? Was running fine before.
My repair manual does not show the type of oil pan for my vehicle,it is flat and no sump on it. It appears if I remove the starter and front motor mount I can access all the pan bolts.
without take the entire dash apart?
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