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It seems like the leak starts at the front of the engine
My speedometer goes up and down and then I lose transmission power. Rpm will move car wont. If I slow down and put the car into 2nd, then I get movement. All the time now, when I drive it losses gear. I rev it up, some times it catches. If I turn it off and Re start, sometimes that helps. When I stop it is always idoling at 30mph. I have has a transmission sensor replaced, seemed to help for a little bit but now has gotten worse. I am unable to do a computer read, as a mechanic has told me I am missing wires from the computer to the port. Every mechanic I have asked, seems to not have a clue. I am tight on my finances so I need to fix my car before I ruin it. Please, if someone has any idea, I would grately appreciate any help.
( I was told there was another sensor past the one that was replaced, but I don't know the name and the mechanic isn't being very forth right w the name either. )
So please, I need an old school mechanic to help me out. Thank you for your time.
it's on a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme S 4 door and the button is on the left side.Do they sell just that or will I have to go somewhere to get the whole switch just for that
years ago I took my car to Firestone in for service and they somehow messed up my power mirrors.I can only make it go up/down and to the left, but NOT to the right.I did took it back the next day, but THEY SAID they didn't do anything? What could it be wrong and how can it get fixed?
Already changed speed sensor don't know what else to do someone says to reset ecm
Plus the shifting first and second is not shifting when it suppose to
last time I drove my car was about 3 weeks ago when it snowed .didin't drive it any more until 1 week later,and it wasn't starting.Put it on booster pack and lights gotten brighter,but made a knocking sound,but took of the booster pack and no sounds at all or lights.I'am thinking that the battery is drained,battery is less than a year old;6 months.thinking that it just needs to be charged. Am I right in this? I have a 1994 Olds cutlass Supreme S 3.1Lt
every 5 years
My 94 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme I recently changed the fuel pump and filter and got a brand new battery put gas in it and it still won't start it turns over but still seems like it's not getting gas is there a relay switch or something else that I have to do
can the noise isolator causes to lose fuel pressure
keys were replaced @ dealer and worked find,but having issues starting.New battery,starter alt is ok
No mechanical or electrical connection to the lock. How does it connect to make the key lock the doors?
Why will this light goes out after repair is done? can I drive it like this?
My car didn't start this evening.No noise in starting,in fact NO noise@ all.Everything is working;radio,lights horn,but just willn't start.battery starter,all are working.They are telling me it's a VATS is the issue,caue the secity lights are on and is flashing
My key fob hasn't been working for awhile.I've put in @ least 4 sets of batteries and still NOT working.I've send for extra key fobs and out of ^ only one would work for about 2 hrs and it willn not stay programed.What would I have to do to get it working?I keep hearing a lock smith can do this? Is that true?Or will I have to go to the dealer?I can lock/unlock doors or trunk by hand,but I would like to use the key fob.Thanks
I've had issues with it eversince Firestone done a power chck on it yrs ago,but they said they didn't brake it,so now I can't use it fully,what could be the issue?
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