1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Questions

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keys were replaced @ dealer and worked find,but having issues starting.New battery,starter alt is ok

No mechanical or electrical connection to the lock. How does it connect to make the key lock the doors?

Why will this light goes out after repair is done? can I drive it like this?

My car didn't start this evening.No noise in starting,in fact NO noise@ all.Everything is working;radio,lights horn,but just willn't start.battery starter,all are working.They are telling me it's a VATS is the issue,caue the secity lights are on and is flashing

My key fob hasn't been working for awhile.I've put in @ least 4 sets of batteries and still NOT working.I've send for extra key fobs and out of ^ only one would work for about 2 hrs and it willn not stay programed.What would I have to do to get it working?I keep hearing a lock smith can do this? Is that true?Or will I have to go to the dealer?I can lock/unlock doors or trunk by hand,but I would like to use the key fob.Thanks

I've had issues with it eversince Firestone done a power chck on it yrs ago,but they said they didn't brake it,so now I can't use it fully,what could be the issue?

My emencey brake light and abs lights will come on @ the same time as well as my check engine lights,Just had a tune-up weks ago,but that light still comes on

Changed spark plugs fuel filter fuel pump oil change

The day this happened, ran it out of gas, put half a tank in it, ran fine, parked it for 30 minutes, started right back up, put in gear, and died, now cranks N but won't turn. Has spark, fuel pump kicks out, tried starter fluid, and still will not turn over

It only pops on @ speeds over 45 mph.Had another engine put in about two years ago.And I was told @ the time that it may returned,but it didn't until sometime last year.No-one can find the issue why.Gas cap ok.No one has a OB1 TESTER

Had the car brought iin for curise control,but was told that I needed a battery,which I did,but still had isses starting,so had another stater put in,but NOW it's STILL having an issue starting.The last time it haooened it needs a neauter safety switch.Can this be the case now?

car was taking in for curise control,and it works ,but the single lights didn't work well,took it back and had to leave it,didn't have to pay extra,but althought the left works find,it's the right on that doesn't work right.When I played with the gear shft,the back-up lights comes on,but it willn't stay on.

car stereo was installed in my car blue and white wire is cut in half when I turn the ignition the security light comes on won't start turning back off makes about 3 beeping sounds all the lights and headlights come on the dash. I took the anti-lock fuse out of the fuse box and put it back in I don't know what else to do.with the fe

I don't have any money to get it fixed please help I got to take my college classes soon please help

Had to jump my car a lot of times in about 1 week.Took it to Sears,check battery and said it was good,how ever,a day later,had it jumped again,had them checked everything,starter,batterymthe charging system,everything WAS still good,but replaced a terminal bolt,but today,had to jump started AGAIN.Is there a short some where?taking it to Firestone next.