1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Questions

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can not find exspansion valve on ac. Ac unit will not except any freon
This happens when engine is wormed up.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It happens when engine is wormed up.
How long have you had this problem? problem just started
Where are the oxygen sensors ?
My car starts up and runs fine for a min then starts to idle rough then idles fine again I put it in gear and go for a bit then it cuts out and dies it will start right back up but then dies again when I push the gas. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and spark plugs after the car was sitting for 4 years I am not sure what else it could be
runs hor I replaced intake gasket
and wires still no spark at plug
rattling and hard thumping noise when going over bumps
I'm trying to replace the pcv hoses and make sure I connect everything also valve on fuel rail is leaking so will a o ring in cap help? Thanks so much
i went to go to store and car was sounding better and wasn't smoking anymore than it lost all power the engine just stalled I went to pull over than it died now won't start all the time cranks over just doesn't start when it does start I can get it to go forward but it doesn't stay running when I put it in reverse now it won't start help please what could it be
I just got an oil change and a tune up...the battery seems ok but idk
Before dropping motor back in i changed the thermostat, new upper and lower radiator hoses. Everything worked before the swap. I should mention car sat for 6 months without running while I was searching for a motor with less than 200000 miles on it. Car runs fine. All fluid levels are good. Upper and lower radiator hoses get hot. No overheating issues. My problem lies with the heat. I get not heat whatsoever. I replaced the electronic control board today thinking that was the problem. Still the same thing. It will not switch from bi-level to upper to lower or to defrost. Just blows out the floor and defrost at the same time. And does not get anywhere near warm air at all. I took out glovebox and when i move the actuators for the vent positions it changes the airflow to where its suppose to be but will not operate with the control board. Heater core is good. Like i said the its circulating just fine. Any help would be appreciated.
I need to do this myself, I have some mechanical knowledge, I would like to know,is it under the upper manifold and is it very difficult to remove, meaning taking it out and replacing the gaskets
The fuel pump works. Oil light is on and check engine light is on.
The fuses are fine and the light bulbs are fine, so what else can it be?
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