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I thought that I bought a good car a month ago when I got my wagon, things seemed good but soon I started having problems, mostly easy things but this one has me. I was having issues with the key hanging up when turning it on and removing it, its always been a lil sticky. Today i drove it all morning without fail, I get to my daughters bus stop this afternoon and the key will not turn back in order to turn the car off, its stuck in the on or accessories position and will not turn back into the lock position. Ive tried wiggling, jiggling, turning the wheel back and fourth, going thru the gears slowly and then placing it back into park, nothing helps, nothing. I couldnt get the car to turn off and it was steadily burning the not so cheap gasoline that I had put in for the week so I got fustrated and disconnected my battery, to my suprise, it still didnt shut off, it finally shut off when i turned the key forward as if I were cranking it even tho it was already running. Now I dont want to do this too much in order to make it stop running because its gonna burn up my starter but it was the only way to get it off, then i hafta leave the batter disconnected and then connect it when I want to crank the car again...Please help!!!
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