1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Questions

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We just changed gaskets and my husband broke one of the rod things so we had to buy another one brand new will it make a difference
When using the turn signal, dash light signal flashes at normal brightness briefly, then continuously flickers at levels barely noticeable. I was directed to replace the flasher part "EL12" by the local advanced auto parts clerk. Now, I need help finding this fella. I suspect this to be in the steeringcolumn or behind the ash tray. Any direction would be most helpful and appreciated. As I don't want to spend all evening turning wrenches playing hide and seek with this component.
when I start my car it will start but the oil and charge light will come on and the car will not move until I turn the car of and restart the car what is the problem with this issue?
Was thinking I should have got s key made from the original ignition unbutton after I lost the key. Wonder if I can use a toggle switch it.
Jumped start battery dead. Filled radiator turned key the water in radiator shoots straight up in the air. Never saw anything like that. Had a lot of cars overheat. The car had not been started in eight months.
fuel pressure checks out ok has spark. I can keep it running by spraying carb cleaner
This does not happen every time but seemingly it happens randomly and definitkey after sitting all night
I own a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. I push the brake and the only one working is the top one not the 2 back ones. I checked the fuse panel in the jocky box. I checked under the hood and 2 fuses are lose is that the problem?
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