1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Questions

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Need to change out heater\ac control sits above ash tray?
Throwing Sparks when on park, but not on drive, it keeping the reading when I put the ohm f, can i lube it up to last me a week till I get paid,
I took my dash apart bcuz we installed a stereo. But I'm not sure piece by piece how they go.
we start the car and seems fine tell we put it into gear then shuts down now the battery is drained took off alt its fine.
only when it rains i have water on my passenger floor. floor is soaking wet. its not antifreeze..
My car stalled and when I went to turn it over it wouldn't even crank. My buddy came and steered while I pushed the car put off the way and he started it when put back in park. It is an automatic and I've already tried starting it in neutral and putting back to park to start it and it didn't work. What's going on here?
all say trans is out, but no signs it was going out. ran fine 2 days ago. yesterday leaked fluid and reversed. need to know if my car has a trans modulator and if this can be the cause of it acting needs a trans. best friend said trans modulator acts like trans goiing out
I replaced the plugs, plug wires and ignition coils, but still dying unless I keep pushing the gas pedal.
I have the key on radio off pressed the clock display and pressed scan and seek buttons to Jo avail. The radio has no set button.
...when the other dashboard lights are on ? I replaced the bulb in the ashtray thinking that would do it but it didn't. I also checked the fuse marked M and it was fine. Do they light up ?
car starts fine after driving about 15 minutes car dies won't restart for about 25 minutes
Changed everything I could in dealing with this problem . Car run perfect at an idle , once n gear it will shut off. Put in new fuel pump and filter no good results . Was told that the fuel pump might not be putting out enough pressure , and is there a certain position this pump suppose to go in ?
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