1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Questions

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Won't restart till it cools down I don't have money to replace everything o see this engine does this alot
engine light came on and it started losing compression on the hills it would only do 20 mph
Rear lights work when in park but not while driving
will the motor out of a 92 olds ciera fit in a 94 olds ciera if both cars are the same model
Man I'm interested in knowing before I turn my car apart and find out they don't
What seems to make the problem better or worse? the brakes are bad
How long have you had this problem? for a few weeks
Once it cools down it will start again and do the same thing all over again
The motor is a 3.3Liter V6
Have water leak that just happened without warning. Already replaced the ones on both sides of the engine. Its leaks quickly. But from under the car see only water. Cant tell where the source is. Its at the rear of block. From the top looking down cant see water or frezz plugs? does that mean remove trans?
I'm wanting to replace the EGR valve on my cars engine but can't locate it..
Recently my car was driving fine until the other day. I went to back out of a parking stall, which it backed up fine; but when I shifted down to drive, it wouldn't go nowhere. I then shifted back to reverse and again did just fine. I never had any problems before that. Tranny fluid is fine and full.
When I come to a stop light or sign it will cut off and it takes about 10 minutes to start again. It does it after its been driven for a while.
I have a 1992 cutlass ciera it turns off on me while diving but will turn back up .they cannot figure out what the problem is. Can some one help me.
It shuts off on me but will turn back on right away. What could it b.
I got into my 92 olds cutlass ciera and started just fine and when I went to put it in gear the gear shifter didnt catch and it just moves up and down freely and doesnt catch any gears?
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