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My car seems to start to overheat when in traffic, I recently replaced the coolant reservoir with new one because of same problem but, still heats up. I replaced the thermostat last summer and the fuse for the 2 fans in good (the fans come on randomly-not sure what makes them go on. The cars heat is good, AC fair in summer. coolant level good. New coolant, radiator and condenser replaced about a year ago,, It seems to rise to about the 3/4 mark till it makes me nervous and I blast the heat. anyone????
My car constantly needs coolant...I could have just put some in 5 minutes ago and 1-2 minutes the light to add more coolant will come on. Something may be wrong with my thermostat, because on rare occassions my heat will just automatically start working. The inside of my winsheild will freeze but the outside will be unfroze. There's times when my automatic window will not roll down on the driver side of the car. Just recently before both my regular lights & head lights went out, they would cut completely off and turn everything else off on the dashboard, for no reason at all...And then sometimes, come back on.
My son hit the horn to hard and now it wont go off. There is a airbag in the steering wheel. Is there a contact broke or stuck? Because of the airbag, I'm afraid to take apart the steering wheel. Help
Jsut when the weather gets really cold with snow and ice forming in Dallas, I find that my '97 Cutlass Supreme LS has no cabin heat. The vent doors appear to redirect the flow, no telltale vacuum hissing, temp control (dial) functioning and the engine temp is normal. I've just started working after two years on the side line - I can't afford to show up frozen.
i need a print out of how the seals go into the compressor not sure where the fiber piece goes
How many motor mounts are on this car
where is fuel pump relay switch located
no power into the fuel pump relay all fuseable links good
could this prevent the up from not working
My horn stopped working and the fuse is good. Is it the relay not working or the horn itself? I noticed when I took out the fuse my under the hood light went out which also indicates the fuse is good.
I know where the Hi and Low ports on the AC but which one is the Low - I need to recharge the system
On the 1997 Olds Cutlass 3.1L engine, whjere is the low pressure air conditioning port locatedto rcharged the system?
Im replacing the ignition lock cylinder in my 72 olds cutlass icannot figure out how to get the old out.Thanks Joe.
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