2003 Oldsmobile Bravada Questions

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the heater will not put out heat on the right vents. cold works fine.
I thought Olds had a recall on this issue, but cannot find any info.
All the power settings ,lick seat , Mirow etc , is out
My I have almost 180,000 miles and need to look at replacing the vehicle due to costly repairs. I love the size, features, and towing of the vehicle but need to get something newer.
This happens periodically. with repeated tries it eventually starts. several days or even weeks of daily driving go by with no problems and then it acts up again. Today it started normally and I drive 3 hours in a driving rain. After it sat all day it wouldnt start at first and took several tries before it finally did. Drove it about 25 miles then shut it off and immediately tried to restart it without success. I waited about an hour and tried again and it did start on the 4th or 5th try. I ensured it was fully in park and tried it in neutral with no immediate change.
We were hit on the side door, no external damage was noticed but the windown falls down the door slot. I have manualy pull it up and tape it up to hold it there.. When I push the the up/down button, you can here a motor run but does not move the window..
the car beeps a few times with all the above symptoms and will not shut off.
Sat in the garage all winter while gone south. Has worked on and mostly off the last two wks. How do I repair ?
button. Taking the key out the blower motor continues to blow?????
Code is B0017. Passenger front deployment loop open.

Any recommendations to repair?
It keeps ram x 1000 when I drive
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