2001 Oldsmobile Bravada Questions

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sometimes it works fine and other like today it took about an hour for it get out of gear
An alignment mechanic said both need replacement. I was under the vehicle and both seem sound and wiggle in any direction...the rods on in wiggling the tires.
So called "ScartTrac". Supposed to use wheel-speed sensors, a drive speed sensor, and a computer to decide if wheels are slipping, and the vehicle needs 4WD. I've had encoder motor changed, new 4 tires, oil in encoder motor scanner (repair shops) shows a cause.
Can I just turn the encoder and have a 2WD truck? Can I put a simple "2WD-$WD" switch on the dash to energize the encoder moter to shift to 4WD when I want to?
Replaced all brakes and light wont go off
turned on the road an it shut off got it home an checked everything out theres water in the oil an after shitting for 3 hours it started back up but is idling rough
my tranny will shift manually 1stand2nd but then it's like there's no 3rd or4th gear I've changed tranny and both are doing the exact same thing also changed gas on transfer case all of them and also no Speedo or fuel gauge please help at wits end
Service AWD Brake and Abs lights all on no speedometer. Replaced all speed sensors and front hubs. Any ideas?
This is now the second time in 2 months similar issue.
Was at stop light, went to accelerate on green and car died. Was able to get it started but felt like it was going to die again. Mechanics found nothing wrong.
Yesterday, I had car sitting in parking spot with a/c running for about 1/2. Put it in reverse, it died. Started back up, put it in drive it died again. Waited for tow - 20 minutes - when they came it started and he drove it across to the mechanic. They once again can find nothing wrong! Any ideas??? Thanks!
also misses when u turn on blower could this be a coil pack trying to break down. New cat. conv., new rotor, dist. cap and ac delco plugs. do not understand why it smoothes out at hyw. speed.
replaced plugs with ac/delco that the manufactor with ac/delco plugs that car called for. Car will idle great when cold but when it gets warm can hear a slight miss. Can anyone share a solution. Anyway to tweek times a little using Dist., the distributor is in correctly. At our wits end engine seems to smooth. How can we get the miss out? at road conditios seems to run smooth. got to be something simple, WHAT COULD IT BE?
Where does the harness go from the fuel pump to gauge so I can trace the wire?
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