1999 Oldsmobile Bravada Questions

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when driving it will not push motor fast with rpms..and when at a red light is feels like its going to shut down but does not.

I replace spark plugs and wires I don't know if I am supposed to tighten wires a certain way or not ?
All ether functions work
Can't see on the dash or outside with the plinkers. Seatbelt light goes on and off even when buckeled. Please help.
It starts then dies security light is flashing
Rear wheel bearing on drivers side how do I change it
Problem with front-wheel drive can I remove both axles and differential completely and leave them out permanently
still have battery drain with key off.
watched video, but didn`t help.pulled all fuses had draw of 100milli amps. could be alternator bad ?
Wouldn't start Friday after turned it off. Replaced the fuel filter Saturday. It would start then but wouldn't stay started. Tried it Sunday and started right up. Ran all day Sunday no problems. Now went to start it this morning and it won't start again. Seems like not getting gas however when check valve gas is coming out.
There is fuel getting to the motor so it is not the fuel pump. It acts like trying to start but like its not getting gas. The fuse is also good. Can hear fuel pump kick in and also can check valve at motor. gas is getting in. Someone suggested the fuel filter?
Battery is new and alternator is fine I think maybe it could be wires?
When i had my alignment done the mechanic said the the steering was loose and i should replace steering box. Can this be tightened or should i replace it?
my 99 Bravada, 114,000miles_ is in one wheel drive most of the time. the A t c Warning light is on while I have only one wheel drive sometimes if I turn the key several times it does kick in to Smart trac normally. this vehicle is a beached whale in one wheel drive I can sure use some help with this I do hear the "brain box" click when I turn the ignition. would cleaning the contacts on both the vehicle side and on the brain box do any good?
First the gas gauge stopped working right. After a little while vehicle will go so far then lose complete power. You can start it back up and go a little further, but it does the same thing. Wondering what can be the problem.
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