1994 Oldsmobile Bravada Questions

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when i restarted it it kept stalling. now i have a knock in the engine
I own one of these monsters (the Bravada) and I can not keep the EGR valve functioning.I replaced one 5 months ago and it's out again.It runs rough and idles poorly,blackens oil really fast,and burns gas really rich.
I recently replaced the spark plugs and wires.It seemed to run a little more smoothly.Then two weeks later it died on the side of the road needing the starter replaced.I replaced the starter and found that I had to replace the black battery cable as well.Now it runs worse than before, burns all kinds of gas and the only code that comes up when tested is the ERG valve.I am replacing it again.But what the heck is going on here? Is there anyway to prevent this again?
My Bravada starts fine for 10-15 times,then it turns over but will not fire,to get it to start I have to spray starting fluid in the air intake,it fires right up,and will start for the next 10- 15 times then do it all over.What may be the problem and how do I fix it?
Someone attempted to steal my truck by hot-wiring it while the club was still holding it in place. They stripped it and I don't know how to drive it without hot-wiring it myself.
it is running rough i have to hold the gas pettle to the floor to get it started and i smell excess fuel in exzast
I don't know how to clean my egr valve and i would like an overview of the fuel system so that I may track down anything that may be causing my problems.
In the last 3 weeks, I have had to have my truck jumped off to work.
I am very careful to not leave any lights on and my radio is detachable, and I often don't listen to it so it's not 'plugged in'.
I took the truck to Autozone and had the alternator, starter tested and all showed they were fine.
Then today I had to have it jumped again.
Why does this keep happening?
(I got the car 10/28/10. The battery has a sticker that says 9/10).
With this last time, the truck runs fin for a couple of weeks before needing to be jumped. Also I am in Chicago and it's been very cold overnights and the truck sits outside - no garage.
My speedometer dims out when i turn on my head lights at all. I have replaced the fuses several times and i am not sure what else to try.
My transmission will not shift into any gear at all. I have already replaced my transmission filter and done a whole transmission service job. I have checked my fluid. What else could it be?
only the spedometer and the trip light up. when u first start the car the check engine ^ tenperture lights flashes on then right back off and only the spedometer & trip light up nothing else does anybody no what causes this?
WWhere is engine computer located
overheated whole engine got wet it wants to start but wont give me good answer
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