2003 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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I have replace to crank sensors, fuel pump, fuel filter and new coil packs I'm just trying to see if the ELC fuse can stop the car from starting. it just turns over.
stalls twice a week while starting. give it gas and idle a while to get it to go.
Not every time, not all the time. I am not able to actuate the door switches unintentionally. More often on turns.(?) Also happened right after a 'service stability system' message on the display. (?)
I'll start trouble shooting at the door switch.
I welcome any incite to the ghost in the machine...electrical .
Would You do Valve Cover Gaskets on a 4.0 ror (aka NS-V8) @Home, on your driveway/garage? I mean, are we talking, undoing a motor mount and tipping the motor? Also, besides the spark plugs, what else could I 'maintenance' while I had it apart?
Removed back seat and Checked the battery Pos Terminal was loose! Thank You Pushrod for your good tech!
Drove it to the store, was dead as Cesar when we came out.
Jumper car connected, Interior/ext. lights Key in start position, solenoid clicks until I turn the key back off.
Disconnect Jcar, All electric fail.
I purchased this car recently. I purchased a new replacement for the window controls on the drivers side. Doesn't make a difference
The only operating window is the driver as well as door locks. I installed a new switch and they still don't open. what else coulf be the problem?
One side of the venting battery hose came off and caught on fire while I was driving. All of the lights inside starting flashing now numerous items no longer work. I know I should check for burnt wires, blown fuses, and faulty relays but do not know where to go from there. Power windows, doors, mirrors and seats do not appear to be affected.
What else could cause this?
While driving the car it makes sounds like it is shifting gears, and I can feel the car jerking/shaking to the shifting gear sounds. The engine light also comes on, but doesn't stay on.
I got new abs brakes and now when I turn right or left it comes on the screen. And slows mt car down. Almost stopping it. It also grinds ..
having to replace the battery!!
We replaced the bulbs in both the turn signals and brake lights. The turn signals work. The head and tail lights work. The fuse and switch next to the brake pedal tested as working, but the brake lights do not work. Is there another relay or switch in the wiring that would cause this problem?
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