2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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Everything works all the lights come on it just won't turn over and it was running fine when i shut it off
2002 Oldsmobile aurora.
Just started today. Doesn't turn over, just clicks. When attempting to jump it did the more of the same. battery issue or alternator?
Should I flush it or just change fluid?
Rough ride started 3 weeks ago. Fuses checked OK. Leveling system appears to be pressurized. Will not level rear end. New shocks last summer, OK until now.
The gas arrow on the dashboard goes past F. Sometimes it goes in a circle. The arrow fluctuates. One minute it's on F and the next it's on E. I never know how much gas is in the car.
I don't know how much gas is in the car because the fuel arrow is constantly moving pass the F. Sometimes it goes around in a circle.
I need to replace the mufflers on my 2002 Olds Aurora. It has a welded system. Do I also need to replace the exhaust pipe and resonator or can I just cut the old mufflers off and install new mufflers?
I know the sending unit is broke cause the fuel gague is acting up but I'm wondering if it isn't electrical problems.battery is fine will the car not even crank even if the sending unit is bad bec I think the car would at least crank and not start instead of not crank at all plz help dad is pissed I'm using his car instead
The car turns over but will not start. If I heat the car up in the garage it will start. Check engine light is on and Im getting a low coolant message but the coolant is not low. Also checked the code and it returns a throttle position sensor.
It would go into 2 gear and move but now only reverse it will not go into drive when in drive it dont even rev up the miles gage dont even move
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