1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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turn key, hear click, not cranking, but battery is good, etc.
have oil leak.
This has happened a few times. When I'm driving the lights will dim and the volts light will come on on the dash and I can check the volts on the computer thing. It's normally around 14.4/14.5 but it would drop to 12 and after a few minutes it would go back up to normal. It has only happened when I'm going about 55-60 hasn't happened during city driving. We put a new battery in about 1-1.5yrs ago, it has a new alternator belt and tensor or something like that, new radiator. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be. When it would happen I would pull over turn the car off turn everything off and wait a few minutes and when I'd turn it back on it would be back to normal. Had no accessories on either.
Air always works but thru defrost only. Stops/starts without warning. Date on computer unavailable, three dashes where temp shows. This is so erratic and frustrating
Idling rough / Stall when you're coming to a red light Low rpm

I get a po101 but the mass sensor is reading good

Checked terminals and ground points no problem. The low volt reading is at each start up..all other systems are O.K. chk eng light showing #741 now this after the light problems
from the mufflers
Racket pinon boot full of steering fluid.what 2 do 2 fix
Fluild in them
Been happening off and on. Security code flashes. Clicking noise in dash board.
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