1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Reviews

1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Oldsmobile Aurora (4 Reviews)
Body, Interior & Misc.
Drive Train
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Heating & Air Conditioning
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Bought car 2 months ago... Love the car... gas mileage hyw 26 mpg. lots of power.... handles super... price new was $41000.00 ... alternator went out and was a bit of a hassle... changed serpentine belt at the same time, that was a bit of a hassle also... the best part is that a lot of generous people put information on the internet to make the job a lot easier. Thanks to all of them.
i have a 99 oldsmobile aurora, but i have a lot all electrical problem with it,so i need to fuse box diagram but i couldn't find this shit to anywhere, if someone know where can i find this shit, pls help :(
i just picked up this car and am having a bit of trouble with it i tracked down the clicking sound coming from my dash that also makes my headlights go off n on by themselves while the vehicle is parked, its a 4x4 black box under the dash with some sorta computer board in it, and i tried recharging my ac and to no avail it holds pressure but my pump wont kick on? so thats another couple houndred to replace the ac pump:( overall i absolutely love love this car its perfect for me not only being a gearhead but also being pretty good with computers and electronics is also a bonus, and when all else fails im a girl, lol!! jk!
Wow this is the best car I have ever owned! I highly recommend it to all. Has all the luxuries of a very high priced car, rides so smooth,hasn't rusted anywhere, and is good on gas.