1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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My car is not accelerati g properly and if i press down on it hard. It doesnt pick up speed and it struggles to pick up the pace
right shock is out so can u tell me is one of them the problem
Clicking noise in a relay or something . Unplug it and everything guits clicking.
I have no power to my fuel pump harness. All relay's and fuses are good. Please help
About a month ago the serpentine belt went out. before I could get it fixed someone tried to steal it and broke the ignition switch out. I didn't have the time to fix it proper so I installed a temp ignition under the dash. This has caused the car to be able to shift for a time but will slip back into second while driving. Is this a PCM, TCM relay problem? I ask if this is the cause because if i play with the ignition while driving it will shut down the electrical on the dash momentarily and come back on and will shift again. Possible to be the transmission control solenoid?
Car is stuck in second and appears to run fine as long as speed isnt over 45-50. called a transmission shop, guy said it sounded like the solenoids and the car is notorious for this. Also, the power steering leaks like a sieve. I bought a power steering pump, but now imhearing from another mechanic that its probably just a line leaking??? how much would it be to fix these problems?
temp gauge goes all the way up, goes into shut down mode, traction control turns off. engine not hot getting a false reading. happens within a mile of
a cold start. installed new cooling sensor.
had a crack in one of the coils,replaced it,found a crack on the ignition control module,replaced it and installed new spark plug wires.what am I missing?car will not run good for 2-3 days after it rains.chck engine light does not come on?stumped.
Strong smell of gas in the exhaust and dripping gas out tailpipes. A lot of bright white exhaust. Head gasket is not bad (had checked) injectors have been checked and FPM has been replaced. It is dumping fuel at an unbelievable rate hence the gas smell. Running out of ideas and no SES light at all and it does work. Help???
I need to replace my fuel pump on my 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora wheres the fuel pump located? under seat? or under the trunk somewhere help please
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