2004 Oldsmobile Alero Questions

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Will bad rack and pinion causing no crank
Car won't start only clicking noise.Replaced battery n starter same results only clicking noise
the buttons on the bottom row are all dead
Rust color in the cooling system
The stereo/climate control wire harness was plugged back in, with the battery connected. everything digital quit on both stereo and climate control, but manual knobs still work. (tuner/volume/vent and fan knobs)
It starts up good it powers up I can drive it but when it gets really hot out it starts making that ticking noise
Noise doesn't happen from start up, only when I start driving, progressively speeds up with acceleration. Replaced cv half shaft, bearings are good, clicking is same as driving and thru corners..consistent. more pronounced in the cab of the vehicle..sounds like it's coming from the occasional ocd is driving me mildly crazy not knowing..any info would be greatly appreciated.
I drive it to the store the night before the snow hit and it started just fine. I went back out a couple of days later when the snow started to go away to start it and go to the store but all it does is crank, it won't start and I checked the starter and fuses and spark plugs and there all fine. What could be the problem?
I started it today in the cold to thaw the Windows...ran for about ten minutes and cut off. Tried starting and not even a click or crank...literally zero power. What could it be???
I checked all fuses just had brakes done and oil changed. Car is a v6 and drives gr8 The heater works greats cruise control works but nothing on stock radio/CD player. Does this have anything to do with the ignition recall? Will they automatically fix the horn when i have them fix the ignition?
my blinkers only work occasionally. there is no rhyme or reason. Also, windshield wipers won't turn off. Is this common for this vehicle?
Back in 2013 I had the R&R modules, Engine Control Module and Body Control Module fixed and everything was good. Now my electric has been going on and off with the windows locking, the radio turns off and the speed odometer will turn off. I brought it to the shop and they reset the Service Light but could not find the problem. Said it was a "ghost". Since readjusting the service engine light the car has not done this in 2 days. What should I do?
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