2003 Oldsmobile Alero Questions

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average repair cost to fix it . Relay is ok
It leakin water
The transmission died. I'm having a used transmission with 44K miles on it put in. Is it a wise move?
Check engine light came on with an evap code (leak). I can hear the fuel pump come on (buzzing) when I try to start the car. I twisted the gas cap and clicked it 5x after filling it. Next day it wouldn't start. The car didn't give me any problems except for the check engine light. Check engine light came on once before and turned off after a few days. This time it came on, got a diagnostic next day, I wouldn't drive it, went to fill up gas tank and 3rd day it wouldn't start.
The idle on my car is odd. When I'm idling, I can actually see the RPM gauge shoot up sometimes like I reved the car, but I did not. I know it needs a tune up, but my husband says this is not caused by that. Any ideas what is happening or what could be done to fix it? Is this normal for this car?
The blinker switch randomly makes the clicking noise (like when you have signaled to turn) while driving. It sometimes happens often, and sometimes I might go a few days without hearing it. The blinker was randomly not working so my repair shop replaced the blinker switch. Now, the blinker is working fine, but we still hear the random clicking, so it doesn't appear to be the actual blinker switch. Any idea what to do?
The beep that you hear when you open the door or try to get out of the car with the keys left in comes on when I back up. Sometimes, it happens randomly when I'm driving, like when I turn. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.
I've noticed that my gas mileage has gone down. What can I do to make it better?
I have added more coolant but the car keeps overheating.
The car shakes while idling or at slow speeds. It gets better at higher speeds.
2.2 4cyl auto overdrive
I was told it could be the gasket. I was also told that it could be the water pump cuz the coolant ain't pumping through when the car is turned on. I don't wanna be spending money on the wrong problem so I need a lititle information before doing so also I live pretty far from a auto shop so I really can't drive it anywhere til I find out what's wrong with it.
How much should it cost to replace the Multi Function Switch on my 2003 Oldsmobile Alero? My turn signals occasionally won’t work (often in bad weather). The Chevrolet Dealer gave me a quote of $700. Is it time consuming to do or are the parts expensive?
This usually happens when making a turn and in the winter months. I took this in for the key fob recall, but it still loses power while driving and the steering wheel locks up. Any ideas I fear for my life if this were to happen on the freeway. The other day I was going 65 mph onto an exit ramp...
Replaced wires and plugs changed coil pack changed, and ignition module, still a misfire and still reads misfire on code 4, car shuts it's self off when sitting still, slight knock sound, sounds like the car can barely breath, 46 motor 163k miles never had a problem
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