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i pour water in the radiator and it just pours out at the bottom on drivers side of the radiator.
Read a lot of posts about pass lock problems and mine does the same thing. Starts for a second then stops. But I have no dash lights. If I put the key on and wait for the dash lights to illuminate most times it will start. Then runs very rough until I can get on the road. This happened twice in tHe last 6 months, then twice in two days!
were is the oil sensor located at in a 1997 oldsmobile achieva?
Heater and everything inside works fine, just not sure what could be, hoping not head gasket.. any suggestions?
We have an achevia 97'. The only key we got with it was the one someone had cut from the original. We just got the car. We got the car home. I parked it and went in the house for a little bit then went to leave and the car would start but wont stay running and the security light is reading. What do I do. I tried the reset and it killed my battery.
My car is 17 years old with power steering. Last month there was an ice storm with cold weather (temps were about 10-20 degrees F)and she sat outside in covered parking for 48 hours. I started her engine and let it run for 15 minutes without any problems. I did not drive her, just let her run to warm her up.

Another 24 hours passed and I started her, she started perfectly, and I as was backing out of my parking spot, the steering wheel would not turn.

After 15 minutes of letting her heat up the steering worked normally- the engine temperature was in green in five minutes and producing heat.

I thought this must have been a fluke, as she ran perfectly and no problems with steering, I attributed it to abnormally cold for four days.

Fast-forward three weeks:

Yesterday, after leaving my car un-driven for 36 hours, I started her and the steering would not work. The coldest it got on outside temperature was 40 deg F. After 15 minutes of letting the engine run, the steering worked.

Today, with a colder overnight of 35 degrees, the steering worked great. I drove her to my trusty mechanic, and he said without the failure of the steering happening where he could observe, he could not find anything wrong. No leaks, plenty of power steering fluid. He wants me to drop off car over next cold days so hopefully it does not start and they can duplicate problem (we all hope it always starts, yet they say that is only way to diagnose problem).

My mechanic is great as the would not do a power steering flush, as it would be taking my money without knowing problem.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Yesterday for the first time my 97 Achieva stuck in park, and would not release. My son was with me, and lifted the shifter panel, and pulled on a small plastic roller while holding the shifter button, and applying brake, and it let go. Today same thing. Any idea what is causing this, and how to fix it?
where is the intake gasket on a olds achieva v6
everytime i drive it has the trouble getting up to speed and the stalling happened last night
what is it?
how much will it cost?
above is my question
Just went in to have power steering pump replaced and the replacements (they have put two on) wont pump the fluid. The car has no power steering at all. The fluid is not being transferred or moved.
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