1995 Oldsmobile Achieva Questions

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I have all most every thing new on car , I just did control arm . I NOTICE THAT THE FRAME IS RUSTED CAN I REPLACE THAT.also the sway bar broke theistill 3/4 left is it safe,i don't see any problem driving car I have drivers side with the links on it
whether idling or going down the road for this whole last week, I've never had problems before with this and I've had the car over a year.
I'm trying to check it because my car just stopped. It cranks but just will not turn over to start. The spark plugs has been replaced and a new radiator. The car also has more than 3\4 tank of gas in it.
i have a quad 4 engine that has what appears to be a metal plate covering with 4 screws going through the top of the engine cover. Is that what I am suppose to remove and then I will see the spark plugs? I have unscrewed all four screws but the plate does not seem to come off so easily. Any advice how to remove it?
I had my thermostat removed when my car was having overheating issues. Those overheating issues has been resolved but I am trying to find where my thermostat goes. If I try to put it where the thermostat housing which is connected to the manifold. the hole on the manifold is too large and the thermostat will fall into the hole. Am I missing a piece to stop the thermostat from falling into the manifold intake hole?
My car is a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva S 4 door V6 3.1L. I need to know where the adjustment is for the parking brake. When I push the petal to put the parking brake on, the petal goes to the floor and the brake still doesn't keep the car from rolling. I need to know where to adjust the parking brake.
My vehical seems to have a mind of its own sometimes it wants to start and other times it dont. I did check the battery and the alternator and they are both good. i have googled somethings and i have narrowed it down to what i think is wrong. It could possibly be the solonoid or the cps sensor. I dont know what to do and i dont know why it is doing it

Further information:
Lights dim in and out sometimes.
Seems to be getting worse gas milage from when i bought it a couple months ago.
please help
After about 10 miles of running (or 25 min. of travel), When I pull up to a stop light, the car stalls. Restart, put in gear, shudder and stall. Some times, check eng. light comes on, sometimes not. After an hour or so, it will start and run for about 10 miles or 25 min. and then problem starts over. Any Ideas? is it sensing systems, transmission, fuel pump?
WE ALREADy changed fuel filter and fuel pump.what can we do?

after pitting the freon in the air it still blows out heat what do i do
i turn the air on its hot put freeon in it and still wont cool down
where is the fuel pump cutoff switch/button located?
looked under the car can't find the leak overheated only twice and leaks a small amount but not every day 115,ooo miles on it don't want to spend a fortune but love my car
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