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The Alt and battery has been replaced after the first time and then it happened again a month later but both are working perfect. After someone looked at it and messed with the spark plug wires it started working again. It's been working well with the check engine light coming on and going off on its own from time to time.
I can drive it and it's does fine then shut it off and it won't start for a while it has also stalled out on me driving only happens once in a while
also interested in bolts in the rear window adjustment, for the trunk lid.
This is the first time this has occured. I was out for the day, and the car was running fine with no issues. I went into the store for 20 minutes, came out and the car wouldn't start. The radio and all stuff like that work, but the security light in the top right corner of the console is flashing. We tried turning the key to start and letting it sit for 15-20 minutes, but that didn't work. Is there other way to reset the system?
I am having a low pressure lite come on when stopped at a stop sign.
heater fan made noise , then stop working
I can't fine no one to that know wher the water is coming from it seem to occar in winter Not heater coil aircondition disconetted
The consols' inside/outside temperature display & fan controls does not light up and push buttons do not seem to work. Fuses all seem fine, air blows out of the windshield defroster vent, and the steering wheel control for the fan speed works.
My olds 98 will blow warm air when the heater is on only on the driver side and on the passenger side it blows cold air. As the driver I stay warm but the passenger freezes.
the heat does not come on and i seen a lil smoke from under the hood then it stopped and the muffler has white smoke coming what could all this be?
I replaced trunk pulldown motor,but it only pulls down
and not up at all? could it be defective? or is there
somthing else to check? thank you jack

My heater stopped working and I think the heater core is the problem.
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