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Misfires a lot &twill not speed up very much.
Perhaps the guy doesnt know what he was doing. Would u try the ecm modulater next. Or crank sensor
A lady gave me the car it has 60,000miles ,It was Parked in her garage for two years ... I already change the fuel filter ,when ever the car is cooler it will start ..can drive it for a hour and then it stalls out.
About a month ago my car started making a loud hissing noise near the rear tires. I had the tires checked but there was no leak. It made the noise every time I would park it after driving it even a very short distance so I stopped driving it all together. I was required to drive it yesterday due to a minor emergency and the brakes went completely out and stopped working. I checked the brake fluid and it was still full and there seemed to be no visible leaks in the lines. Also after the brakes went out and the car was parked there was no longer the hissing noise I was hearing whenever I parked. Could the noise and brake failure be connected and does anyone know what possibly could have caused the brakes to fail without leaking fluid? Also the ABS light has been on and off since I got the car 3 months ago but I didn't see it as too big of a problem since I have driven other cars for a long period of time with the ABS light on.
Stalls when driving then takes a while to crank!!!
I'm having starting issues. Cranks but does not turn over. I have spark. Alternator checked out ok. Fuses I found checked out ok too. Want to start looking into fuel issues. Books i have are very vague about relays.
computer says clean key
I need to replace my leaking heater core, but the labor cost
may be more then what the 1991 Olsmobile 98 is worth. Can the repair shop disable the worn out parts or lines without
having to remove the core, which may mean removing the dash-board? Would this disrupt the coolant flow for the engine?

Thank you. This is a great site. I found it on google while
researching the problem.
Reverse and the other forward gears work fine but it will not shift into first
I have a serious leak with the fuel. It started after the snow began to melt, I believe some hardened slush dislodged a hose or something under the car or caused a puncture. I had started to smell a gas smell in my car that was faint. So I drove it home. That night I took it out again and drove it for awhile. When I was sitting in the drive-thru, I noticed the smell was incredibly strong. I took the car home and parked it for a couple days.

My Uncle came over and said that it was probably just an exhaust leak and to drive with the windows down until payday so I could get it fixed. So, that night I put 1/3 tank of gas in the tank and drove around. The smell was there, but mostly at stop lights. Normally I can get about 17mpg, but after driving for maybe 20mi at the most in-town, I was at a stop light when the car ran out of gas.

When I pushed the car to the side of the road, I noticed that there was a huge puddle of fuel directly beneath where the engine was. So, I do not think it is the tank itself leaking, but I am not sure what would cause the entire contents of my tank to end up on the ground. When I stuck my hand in it to smell it and make sure it was gas, I noticed that it was greasy and felt kind of like oil, but smelled like gas.

I do know that the car needs a head gasket replacement as there is oil in the coolant reservoir and I can see the little air bubbles on the oil dipstick when I check the oil. No overheating, though. I don't think the two issues are related, but hopefully the info helps.

What could be causing the issue and what would be the cost of the repair? Additionally, is this something that an engine overhaul might cure, and what would the cost of that be?
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