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I stopped at the store, its never failed to start, then coming out of the store I got into the car, it made a funny sound, and now nothing the starter isnt movin at all. Im thinkin maybe a cable broke off the starter, I have power when I turn the key everything works except the fuel gage goes why past the full mark and the engine light comes on.
Every time I come to a stop it is like my drive disengages and has trouble rengageing when I push the gas pedal. It also effects my over drive, if I push the pedal all the way down and the overdrive kickes in. When the over drive kickes in the car revs up as if the transmission isn't connected at all. Then when I release the gas the normal drive engages and drives normal untell my next stop. Once the car is moving the transmission shifts perfectly. It does this in all gears besides reverse.
Replaced the noc sensors. What could be causing this problem?
Car has about 170,000 miles. Has a random growling sound in the rear that lasts around 6 seconds every time. Nothing is consistent about it. Can't make it happen either. More frequent since gas gauge stuck past Full and can't add gas unless I do it in small amounts very slowly. Growling started a few months before gas problem. Gas pump shuts off like tank is full at less than 1 gallon, but it's definitely not. Takes about 10min just to get 3 gal. Maybe a coincidence but I think it might be connected. Think the vent or charcoal canister might be causing the gas tank issue. No idea on the growling tho. Any ideas??
car still having issues starting. I don't think its the pump because I can hear it. I previously had lost my gas cap could that of messed with the emissions and the pressure in the fuel system?
Info on the car: 1995 Oldsmobile 88, V6, 130k
So, we've replaced or repaired just about everything on the car since we got it from my grandma back in 2008. The car runs really well now but on Friday it started to smell of fuel in the cab while driving home. When I got home I came back out to see if the smell had dissipated a few hours later but no, it still reeks of fuel inside. We had the fuel feed pipe replaced back in 2011 but at that time you were able to see fuel leaking out and now I see nothing. It's sat untouched since Friday and its now Tuesday and still smells awful. Going to call the repair shop but was hoping to be able to provide info on what's wrong besides "it smells bad". Any ideas on where I could look for a leak or signs of the problem before I make the call. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
How do you program the power locks on a 95 Olds 88 so they don't automatically lock when you put the car in gear?
I have 1995 oldsmobile and when im driving it starts spitting like im running out of gas every few miles and just cuts off. It cranks back up but takes about five long seconds. I jave had a fuel filter put in and an ignition control modular. Also the spark plugs are new too.
o. It has done it at a red light as well. And plenty of fluids in there too. What can be causing this?
How do find correct resistor for vats with no keys?
My car has vats, but I lost keys
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