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Odometer speedometer is not working and fueses are good
At start up car keeps revving until I turn off engine
Security system light keeps flashing
How can i stop the rain from coming in & fix it?
How to remove the neutral safety switch?
this just started today I have an olds 88 with a 6cyl when I drive in the city it drives fine but on the hiway if I hit a long hill the transmission will jerk as it trys to kick down to a lower gear the car only has about 160000 miles on it and run good , any idea of what it could be?
come on and go off when car is in on position except check engine lite. Car wont start
EGR and Throttle Position sensor were both replace about a year ago. But the computer went out and the owner ran the car for a bit with it sending to much fuel to motor and combustion was happening in the Exsaust Manifold. Computer was changed and now those problems exist. OH it also has hesitation and no get up when you punch the accelerator it just spudders.
My car starts with a very high idle and gets worse as the engine warms up. It will travel without use of accelerator at speeds of 40mph. After that the car will stall out with while driving and the on board monitor is saying HOT A.C. DISABLE. Temp gauge is not above half THANK You I hope you can help.
car will lose power when check engine light is on and sometimes pops and backfires. Computer shows a misfire but plugs are fine. when light is off, it will run fine but also in mid driving,, light will come on and start losing power again or it'll go off when it's on and start running fine. it sometimes runs great if light stays off. I'm not sure if explaining good enough but this is best i know to do and yes I'm a female,, but can fix it myself if i know what problem to fix. I have new plugs, wires, fuel filter, vacuum lines all replaced. It has a 3800 engine with only 127,578 miles on it. anyone have suggestion what to tackle next?
windshield but once i put the temp knob to the warm side and defrost on the windshield will clear up what could be the problem

What I want to know is what could be the cause of this issue. It runs and drives perfectly when the car is cold. After driving it for a while it'll shut off as if I have ran out of gas.
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