1992 Oldsmobile 88 Questions

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Message center rings and has a low idle and sounds a little sputter from the tail pipe but still runs great
When accelerating from a stop my car is very sluggish loss of power.
I know it's not the battery, alternator, starter or solenoid I had them checked at Auto Zone. someone said it could be the fuel pump. What else could it be? I need to find someone to fix it & I don't want to have to pay for 20 different things.
It has a loud rattle that does not seem to be the rods it is more like something pecking and the volume of the rattling is slightly less if you put the car in neutral while idling or if you can get it up to 40mph or more.
It doesn't miss and it is not over heating
Near the O2 sensor, theres a faint hissing noise, a slight steam (very minor, light colored). The car runs great, but check engine light comes on after driving for like 20 minutes. any idea where its coming from? Ive already replaced the O2 sensor
my son did not label them and now car won't start. I need to know how to determine what wire goes to what plug, is there a diagram? I know the firing order, but that means nothing to me!
I have to replace the water pump, but the motor mount is in the way. You can't fit a socket there because of it. The research I've done suggests supporting the engine with a jack, then removing the motor mount. they weren't very descriptive on the process though. I have no idea where to place the jack for this, or if I need to disconnect anything before hand? Like hoses ect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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