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Ac barely puts out air
I went to start the car but when i did it didnt even kick over i tryed takeing the key out but it wouldnt comr out know my keys are stuck
This is a 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royale. Need to know what the part is called to order from a dealership. It is a square piece of plastic, with two outlets for vacuum lines. A nine mm bolt attaches through the center. The vacuum on car is affected due to part being broken and vacuum leaking.
I was told that my AC system is clogged the compressor does not cycle fully and there is no leaks. Is there a way to flush or what parts should or can I replace to get this thing blowing cold? The tech said he removed a line but it was so gunked up that he would have to cut it and he didn't want to open a can of worms. What if anything can I do to get cold air?
come to think of it: i changed everything except cam sensor .
maf sensor is clean new , crank changed last month. checked & all together. tested it. works
im going to try my old icm & see if itll stall.
stalls while warmed up. its all of a sudden no warning.
dash shows: check engine, amp, oil,low coolant. at first no dtc
no signs of problems, restarts no prob but dies on takeoff.

towed it home.
onto the parts
did a fluid flush/ change on first of may .coolant oil fuel
starter 05/2015
alternator 05/2015
battery 05/2015
waterpump/harmonic balancer 05/2015
fuelpump filter strainer05/2015
crank position sensor 08/2015
maf sensor 08/2015
checked & replaced plugs wires07/2015
passed smog ran like a champ
ran perfect till thursday.
changed the following after tow.
icp 08/2015
icm 08/2015
filter again.; just in case. checked all sensors: no probs.
i dont get it.
currently checking for vacum leaks pressure leaks & complete sensor exam.
its funny. runs & idels fine emition statis yellow, electronic teming error?

I am getting spark and power to all my sensors. I am getting some fuel pressure up to the fuel rack, but am not sure if it is enough for the vehicle to start. I do not smell fuel like the vehicle is being flooded.
I have replaced cam shaft sensor, crank shaft sensor, ignition control module, fuel pump relay, and none of these have made a difference. The Vehicle isn't showing any problem codes. (OBDI)
Could it be the fuel pump? Any suggestions would be really helpful.
I broke the key off in the ignition. The year of my car is not listed. I used 1990 to fill the field. My car is actually a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88.
I was driving home from work the other day when my blinkers stopped working as well as the indicators. When I turn my emergency/hazard lights on the blinkers and indicators do turn on and flash repeatedly as they should, I read something online about it being the flashers that is the problem and that they should be under the dashboard but I don't see anything like what I'm seeing described. Is it actually the flashers or could it be something else? Where exactly are they? I read they look cylindrical and should be under the steering wheel or in the fuse box but they aren't in the fuse box and I don't see it anywhere around the wheel. Any help would be really appreciated.
It's been extremely cold and I used a container of heet for the fuel line twice. Any other suggestions?
It shoots this code after exactly 16 miles from a cold start every time. Then, it restarts fine and runs fine
for the trip home almost 30 miles.
Once I did that the car runs great. But now it seems as though I have no power and I smell brunt oil and the transmission seems to not want to change properly. What could cause these problems? Before changing the MAF everything was fine except the car was choking off
Manual shows it on top by the throttle body on similar models, it is not there on my model car.
as of 2 days ago the check engine light will flicker and if i do not let off the brakes the engine will die it seems like a electrical issue as the speedo drops rapidly and the aftermarket radio cuts out loosing memory of what station it was on as if i had unhooked the battery some times the car will cut out momentarily then go on while going down the road and i may be mistaken but after said episodes the exhaust smells like it is running richer so is it a sensor a bad ground causing back feeding from the brakelights , a faulty ecm any ideas? oh and the car started this monday night 9-17-12 then didnt act up again til this morning thursday 9-20-12
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