Q: ok,i just bought a 95 escort,its running on 3 cylanders. the number 4 cylander on 1995 Ford Escort

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is dead, through the plug hole i can see the piston has been getting hit by something,valve??????? isnt this a no interfearence motor, why would the top of the piston be damaged???
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I agree with 1, If spark plug gap was closed up on old plug it is (was) something loose in cyl.
Valve contact would not colse plug gap! Is it knocking? If plug gap was closed on old plug i would still check compression to see if maybe object can be removed and run it awhile. If no or low compression thats another matter! Bore scope sure would be handy.
I am having this same problem. I found out today that it is a burnt valve on my number four. Start the car and take the number four plug wire off at the coil pack if nothing changes then it's not getting fire. Also crank car an go to the tail pipe, take a dollar bill and put it in front of tailpipe if it sucks back to the tailpipe then you have a burnt valve. If it is not this check your injector for clog on that cylinder causing a misfire.
It possibly a broken valve seat. The only to tell 100% is pull the head off. It's a common problem with the 1.9L engine
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