Q: ok i go to start my truck and it turns over a half a turn but no start on 1999 Dodge Dakota

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i can hold the key in the on position, and it turns over a half a turn every two seconds and i cant seem to figuer out why it wont start i can push start my truck but i cant turn the key without it turning over one half turn i asked everyone i could and no one herd of a such thing..
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I left out one thing its got a new starter and a new battery is doing the same thing after i bot the new battery and starter and I've got all ground wires hooked up and clean... but everyone i ask abt the problem they're like i don't know what's causing the problem everything reads right. also i took a screw driver to by pass what ever it was to the starter and the starter would just spin and not ingage but when i turn the key the starter ingages. i don't know what's wrong I've tryed everything...
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You have to jumper the solenoid. The small wire at the starter for the bendix to engage the flywheel.
Funny i did that and it didn't engage the flywheel but when i turn the key it engages the flywheel...
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Same thing power from switch and remote power to single wire usually purple to solenoid doesn't make since. Something's wrong should engage
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