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Q: Ok, Check this out--Monday I changed out my accelerator pedal position sensor- on 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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engine light was on and that is the code it threw so I replaced the part. Light goes off-truck screams down the road. Yesterday afternoon get in the truck drive about 5 miles light comes back on so I pull over hook up my Actron and it gives me the same damn code-Accelerator pedal position sensor. So I get under the hood, jig and shake everything, fire it up, light still on. About 5 miles down the road light goes off and hasn't come back on since. What the heck? What's your opinion? This is driving me nuts.
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as far as I know I only have one accelerator position sensor. how would I determine if I have two?
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there is a throttle position sensor and a accerator position sensor that work together,maybe thats the issue
APP- did you replace part(s) under the hood or parts at your accelerator pedal? I don't really know how Chevy has theirs set up , but Hondas' drive-by-wire has redundant sensors on both the pedal(APP1 & APP2) , and on the throttle body TPS1 &TPS2. Need scanner that can read 'live data'.
Well , sounds like you are in the right area , as far as parts are concerned , still recommend a scanner with 'live data' capabilities for accurate diagnosis. Along with the scanner , you need CORRECT info , as to what the specific 'values' of each sensor should be! Good luck.
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Likey you are having intermitant issue with fly by wire thottle controls. Common problem is the thottle actuator is failing...but thats just a gusss as you did not mention the code you are getting.
p1125 and p1516

where is the throttle actuator control module located on my vehicle? where the manual says its located it is not. Thanks

another code p2135
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Do you have a power loss...lack of acceleration at times? Most of these I have seen end up being a thottle actuator replacement. Here are a couple of things to check.
Check ground wire located behind the right cylinder head (passenger side) just below the head and mounted into the block.
Inspect the Yellow Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) motor control circuit about 1 inch to 4 inches from the throttle body connector to see if it is broken inside of the insulation.
Is your truck a 5.3 liter...Flex fuel?

ok thanks for your help. we will check the wiring and such as you suggested. you may be hearing back from me. And yes, the message center on the dash says "low engine power" the truck will surge nearly die and the check engine light comes on. Then in a few minutes after restarting it seems normal. When this first started the obdII told me to replace the APP so I did and I'm still getting the same code.
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Code is due to a faulty signal between thottle actuator and pedal sensor values do not match. You can try cleaning thottle body plates if they look drty in case it could be sticking or binding and try that first before buying another part.
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