Q: OK - changed rear brakes - replaced shoes, drums, wheel cylinders and hardware on 1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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Bled the brakes, no matter how adjusted - If i hit the brakes hard the rears lock up, they squeal on low braking,when the adjustment is out I have excessive brake travel, if the adjustment is in I have a better pedal but the brakes run very hot, there is no happy medium - I have replaced the shoes and drums again - at a total loss.
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Had the same problem. Rwal module was bad. I had no ABS light because the module had a break in the power supply inside. fixed it 45.00, never had a problem again. You can't just go to the wreckers and get a replacement because the CCD is different and coded to the VIN number. This can be done at the dealer, but too much money(160.00). Just unplug the unit, send it away and less then a week its back. Just my experience.