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Q: ok 2005 cobalt lswith 2.2 front end vibration on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

ok i have turned the rotors new pads new outer tie rod ends and new cv axles ball joints look good struts and wheel bearings look good. does not vibrate when just driving only when braking and doesnt matter what speed wether its 20 mph or 70 mph it still does it the faster the worse it is but i always does it im at my wits end please help thank you
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Install NEW brake rotors, be sure no rust or other objects between NEW rotors and hub! Torque wheels to specs. and in proper sequence.
ok if the rotors turned propely with no defects like heat spots or anything whats your opinion on the abs sensor in the hub itself causing a grabbing feeling as if it isusing abs when it shouldnt be being the vibration? its possible a sensor issue could cause this issue?
No! ----I think you still have excessive rotor run out or trash behind rotor and hub! New rotors are fairly cheap. Lug nut torque and sequence are very important also. ABS light on?
Have ABS system scanned to see if any codes are present. You should be able to tell if it is warped disc brake rotors or ABS activation as there is a very distinct difference!! Sensor will not cause the same effect. If all else fails, let a mechanic drive your car. I can't!!
Good luck with it.
I had to replace the left and right lower control arms and the noise and vibration disappeared like it wasn't never there.Actually it was the bushings in the control arms that were bad but unless you have a bearing/bushing press it was just easier to buy the (used control arms)with new or hardly used bushings already on the part.
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