Q: Oil pump replacement estimate? on 2002 Toyota Echo

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How much should it cost to replace an oil pump for my 2002 Echo? Most places estimate about $600 but the dealer and another place estimate about $1100. Why such a discrepancy in pricing?
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Eej, Hello and Aloha, My name is Gary and I am a licensed Mechanic here in California. I am able to help you with your oil pump issue at a great price. There may be a big discrepancy in prices because some shops will do JUST the oil pump while others will also do the water pump, timing chain, guides etc...It is hard to compete in price when you will do a complete package and your competitors are just doing one part. Let me know if you want the best value for your dollar in auto repair...Mahalo! Gary
Thanks. I have already got the car in the expensive shop; just wanted to understand why it costs so much more. Hope you're right about them doing a more thorough job.
Check their labor rates, brand of pump, what other parts are they including in the price and most importantly, what warranty are you getting?
Thanks, they admit their labor rate is high, claim they are using all Toyota parts and give a two year warranty on their work. The thing is, the garage I usually use is very highly rated, extremely popular, very thorough, and would also use Toyota parts. I don't know about their warranty, but in 44 years of car ownership I've not yet had an experience with faulty workmanship or bad parts. Once things are fixed I don't have to worry about it, so a $500 higher price is to me exorbitant given that it's a lenghty but not a complicated procedure. It's just an oil pump and and oil intake. So, it just doesn't add up.