Q: oil pump on 1999 Ford Explorer

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Had the oil pump changed about 8 months ago and now it has gone bad again. What would cause this? Is there something else that drives the oil pump like a gear or belt?
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What exactly is wrong with the oil pump? I ask this because yes, this is really an unusual situation. One thing that comes to mind is that the part was not a quality part. How often do you change your oil and filter?
The oil pump on your V6 is driven by a shaft that connects to a gear on the cam shaft. On many V6 Ford engines with Coil Pack Ignition Systems, the Cam Sensor is put where the distributor used to be and is opposite the oil pump drive shaft.

If the oil pump is not pumping, may it is not turning or being properly turned, like worn gear etc? Maybe there is too bearing clearance, so no oil pressure can build. These are both real possibilities. I kind of doubt that a factory oil pump would fail so soon, something isn't right here. How about a 2nd opinion?
Oil has been changed every 2000 miles. It now has 140000 miles. I hate to get rid of it since I also replaced everything in the front end. It was supposed to have been a genuine ford oil pump when it was replaced. The oil pump is not oil pressure.