Q: oil psi reads high with no other problems with car. on 2002 Buick LeSabre

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My 2002 Buick LaSabre's check engine light came on a few days ago. We had it put on diagnostic machine and it said our ignition control module was bad. Replaced it and it runs great but the oil gauge is reading 129 psi. Car is running fine though. Had it put on machine again cause the check engine light just came on again and it said catylitic coverter was bad. I am concerned about the oil psi being so high though. Any suggestions? Also, the oil psi was normal until the problem with the ignition control module went out.
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the 420 code is cat efficency. replace it to cure the light.
the oil sender unit may be at fault. have someone do a sweep test on the dash unit to confirm.

the cat code does not happen right away. it has to fail it own internal test 3 times before it will set a code. so the problem existed prior to your module issue.

Any idea why one day code showed ignition control module and after replacing that the light went off then next morning light came back on and the code showed a bad cat.converter? We just had it inspected last month and cat converter was fine. Also, the oil psi was normal until we replaced the ignition control module. Even though it is reading 129 psi it still says normal.
I am confused. If this is the case then why did it not show up on diagnostic the previous day? We have a friend that went through same thing. His cat converter filled with fuel and test said his cat was bad and his engine light came on. After driving for awhile the fuel burnt out and the light went off and now cat tests fine. He just passed inspection!