Q: oil pressure on 1999 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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I have an 01 silverado,and I recently changed my timing chain, and after I am getting a low oil pressure light. I tried to pour oil into the filter and letting it run for short periods of time. During this the engine stopped and will not turn over. It did not make any weird noises, and when I turn the key it does nothing. I dont know if that is computer protection or if I made my problem worse?
Any suggestions would be great.
thanks bmkjason
(1) Answer
Often times when you replace the timing chain, you need to clean out the oil pan or the pieces of the timing cover gasket will plug up the oil pump pick up tube and cause a low oil pressure situation. I usually replace the oil pump and pan gasket when I do a chain, because the oil pump is as old as the chain and the pan usually needs cleaning to get rid of the worn timing chain pieces.