Q: oil pan on 2000 Buick Regal

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how can i change an oil pan gasket from a 2000 buick reagal
(2) Answers
pretty straight forward job. drain the oil. remove any obstrctions from the pan area, like the starter, unbolt the pan and replace with new gasket or both the pan and gasket.

Forgot to mention that the oil pick up has to be removed before the gasket will come out. You will need a new gasket for the pick up tube also. After you are done replacing gasket and filling oil you will have to prime the pump since it drains empty when the tube is removed. Do this by disconnecting the coil pack wiring harness with an 8mm socket and then try starting car three times in short bursts. This will allow the pump to prime at low rpms. Then reconnect the coil wiring harness and start it up. Check gauges and make sure your oil pressure gauge is in the norm or if not equipped make sure your oil pressure warning light isnt lit. If it is shut the engine off immediately and redo the prime procedure.
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