Q: oil liight going on and off on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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My oil light keeps coming on when I apply brakes or come to a stop and then goes back off is only on for about a few seconds and dose not always do this. I recently had to replace a bad fuse and now I have my oil light coming on and off and i have aad olil check no problem with leak
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If your oil pressure lite comes on only when you are coming to a stop, Recheck your engine oil level. If the oil lite continues to flicker, I would recommend that you have your local dealership or reputable repair shop check the engine oil pressure with a manual test gauge. Check oil pressure using a test gauge at oil pressure switch location. Remove oil pressure switch. Install oil pressure test gauge assembly C-3292 with adaptor 8406. CAUTION: If oil pressure is 0 at idle, Do Not Run engine at 3000 RPM. Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Monitor gauge readings at idle and 3000 rpm. Oil Pressure: Idle 25 kPa (4 psi) minimum, 3000 RPM 170-550 kPa (25-80 psi). If oil pressure is 0 at idle, shut off engine and check the following: Pressure relief valve stuck open
Clogged oil pick-up screen Damaged oil pick-up tube O-ring
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