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Q: Oil light/ shutting off on 1997 Dodge Stratus

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My 1997 stratus es 2.5l v6 runs fine, except at times it will randomly shut it's self off without any notice. I have noticed at times that the oil light will come on while stopped at a light but will go back off if I tap the gas most of the time... I have noticed that my RPMS drop below 800 down to around 500 when the light comes on too. The oil is fine, as I just checked it... Doesn't do it all the time there are days where everything is fine, then there are days that it does it all day long.. Same with the stalling, it can go all week at times and run fine, then it will shut off 3-4 times in a day... The other day it did it 3 times and afterwards I came to a stop sign and it reved up and took off almost causing me to run the stop sign even though foot was fully on the brake, once it stopped it shuttered for a second and then died... It ran fine the rest of the day. What may be causing these problems? I think the two problems could be the same thing but not sure since the light doesn't come on when it dies, then again no lights come on till after the car dies so I have no clue! LOL! no trouble codes are coming up since check engine light doesn't come on.... Possibly oil pump? Oil sending unit? Bad plugs n wires? I dunno! Any suggestions since the dodge dealer won't help lol!!!!
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I agree with the other guys but, also check the oil level switch as well. The oil level switch will cause the car to shut off even though it is full of oil.
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Some manufactures use oil pressure switch input to run the fuel pump circuit but your engine does not, oil pressure light. Spec for oil pressure is 6 psi at idle but it sounds more like an idle speed control problem, vacuum leak causing rough running /low idle speed or some other tune up issue. Has the Check Engine Light come on if so the computer in your car will retain codes which will help aid diagnose where the problem lay.
There is either an ignition system or fuel system problem, most likely. I don't think it's air intake, since it's intermittent...and gaskets either leak or they don't.

There are Mopar guys out there that probably know all the tricks on these cars, and I can't profess to be one of them. However, my opinion is that your oil light is related to the engine idle getting lower than intended, more than it's related to an oil pressure problem.

My recommendation is to have a fuel pressure check performed first; you may be intermittently losing fuel pressure.
The oil light coming on is a very common problem on the 2.5L engines. The oil pressure sensors go bad - actually they leak and leak oil into the plug. Replace it and that will fix that problem. I am battling with the same problem as your other problem. Car shuts down when hot and then starts again when it cools off.
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