Q: oil light checked no leaks. light on again. heard knock, car stop checked no oil on 2005 Chrysler 300

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oil light came on, then went off. Stopped to checked for for leaks...none. Drove later light came on again, before i could stop, started losing engine power and deccelarated. Car stopped, checked oil, extremely low. man near me had two quarts of Pensoil 5w-30, it reached just below safe zone. Tried to start, it started up loud rattling noise. shut it off. tried again, all lights on but would not turn over. PLEASE, PLEASE Help!!!
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Thanks for the advice. What do you think could cause the oil to leak? I heard of this year model having an interior oil seal leak. What do you think about that? I currenly have 96593 miles on my 300, I got an oil change around 92,000 5w-20 motor oil. Running it this long without an oil change, do you think that could have cause the problem? Let me know what you think.