Q: Oil Light on 2004 Dodge Neon

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approximately 50% of the time when the engine is first started, the oil light does not extinguish. To clear, the engine must be switched off and restarted. This has been occuring pretty much for the life of the car which now has 107,000 miles on it. Any comments?

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Engine oil pressure on your engine is only 4psi at idle and 25 to 80 at 3000 RPM. I would preferable put an oil pressure gauge in the oil galley to verify engine oil pressure (it should in fact be higher with cold oil as the viscosity is higher) if not at least replace the oil pressure switch. It is on the oil filter side of the engine toward the transmission about half way up the engine block. Try using one viscosity up in engine oil grade as well.
my oil light stays on when engine is at full temp. oil sending unit switch is bad i took dash out . removed light bulb and now i just have the chime noise but no distracting oil oil pressure problems the switch is to get you to go to the service center.