Q: OIL-LEVEL SENSOR! on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

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My chevy lumina-sedan 1995 3.1L's oil-level sensor at the bottom of the oil pan has just not worked well, but there is oil in the engine, reading directly from the dip stick.
So, I would like to temporarily bypass the oil-level sensor at its connector, so that its red warning light on the instrument panel will not show up.

Please advise, thanks!
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I would suggest that you replace the oil level sensor. But if you really want to turn that light off, pull the instrument panel out and remove the bulb from it. This will turn off the light for sure.
Thank you for your reply. Is it okay to just use a jumper wire at the sensor connector/socket, to short circuit out the sensor's input? will it cause electronics damage? thanks!