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Q: oil leaks that dealer cannot find? on 2010 Jeep Liberty

I have had a oil leak that drips on the floor in spots off the front skid plate area. The drip is ferom above and lands on the oil filer area. The dealer has had it numerous times and even with dye they claim they cannot locate it. A private garage says tyhey could find it in 1 1/2 hours but why should I have to pay $100 of dollars when the dealer should fix it under your service contract. I have the proof and contacted the MFG supervisor. I cannot believe why a private repair shop could do it and they see the areas the oil drips but the dealer lies and cannot or do not want to fix it. I got the MFG zone manager involved. Maybe the lazy dealer mechanics will now be forced to do work and fix it. If the die shows a leak why they cannot repair it. Does anyone else have oil leaks that the dealer claims they cannot find where they are coming from or don`t want to fix it. I feel it is a head or block problem and they don`t want to do engine work on the junky 3.7 v6 engines... Let me know. The engine also sounds like a sewing machine on cold starts but they claim they all do it and that partm of the negine noise they all make. I don`t believe it either. I paid cash and I am sorry i bought this jeep and I never will buy another specially when the dealer gives you problems to get it fixed right in the frist place.
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I guess your right but the zone manager is on their case now so I will get it fixed now I hope. 1 1/2 years of blowing me off just don`t get it. I never buy a jeep again with 25 visits to the dealer in 2 years for things I never had go wrong with other suv`s brands....
Curious question , but where are the oil changes being done? ........As far as lazy dealer mechanics---- DO YOU GO TO WORK FOR FREE ?? AND IF WORK IS NOT AUTHORIZED BY MANAGEMENT , DO YOU PAY THEM FOR THE PLEASURE OF WORKING??? I don't think so!
I go to the dealer and pay for the oil change. I have gone to private repair garages and they claim also the leak is coming above the oil filter area and they comfirm it is not the oil filter or oil sender above it that drips drops of oil on the skidplate onto the floor. I wash the skidplate off myself. In 3 to 4 days oil is dripping out of the skidplate holes and onto the floor. I always thought it was the filter as there seem to be wet oil around the filter but it has been changed many time and a private shop says it is not the filter as it is coming down from above hitting the filter area onto the skidplate onto the floor. I am not talking about a puddle of oil but drops that leave a silver dollar size. The dealer still has my jeep and put dye and as of yet they they cannot see any leak. Today they are calling the last engine repair garage i went to about 5 blocks from that dealer as he took the skid plate off and showed me the oil and he looked and said it for sure is coming above the oil filter area. He said he could find it but would have to change me maybe 2 hours labor and my truck is under the contract for the dealer to fix this oil leak for free. He also said the dealer mechanics at that dealship would never be hired by him as they are just pasrts changers. They do not want to waste time on free work. He also gave me his card that I gave the dealer and told him to call him and he will tell them he sees it from above but it is their job to find it and fix it for free. I don`t know if they will but today i will hear from them and if not I will just place a mate under it and once it gets worse i will bring it back. I even took pictures of the drips and oil area it lands and my floor yet they still say they cannot find any leaks.....
I don't know about the rest of the technicians on this RepairPal site, but I doubt they ever have been dealership technicians...Neither does the one complaining about his oil leak...anyway, dealership technicians are working on a "flat-rate" basis, they get PAID only for the WORK THEY PRODUCE....NO work, or CANNOT FIND THE PROBLEM = NO PAY. I am sure that "finding an oil leak on a car for warranty work" is NOT a paid task. Now think for a moment...In YOUR OWN line of work, (office, yard, or whatever) Imagine you are getting paid only if you do certain tasks and DON'T GET PAID FOR DOING OTHER TASKS...Which tasks would you do? Heck, if I worked in an office where you get paid by the amount of paper you print...guess what? You will not see me at f***ing meetings or searching online or other tasks that don't allow me to print paper. It is NOT the technicians fault that they work in this hostile environment...BLAME the Dealership!
I am trying to do just that but it is like banging your head against the wall. They always say you will hear from us the next day ansd they never call you back. When you talk to the service writer they never know your status and say they will call you back and they never do. The service manager is always in a meeting, gone for the day, she won`t be in til next week. This time I seen her in person and she assured me they would fix it and she would return my call the next day and it has been 3. The deal Napleton Northwestern in Chicago has got to be the worst one I ever delt with. The other ones are too far away to get back home. I am 65. Someone has to help get your jeep you paid cash for repaired correctly. A private shop could do it but like they said it could be a very costly repair and go to the dealer since you have the 3 year and 5 year extended contract. They don`t want to touch it with 13500 miles on it. I guess the next step if they cannot solve the problem is the Illinois Attorney Generals office on automotive problems....lets see what happens today from the MFG supervisor......I just want my oil leak fixed and I be happy....
You are have a 2010 Jeep Liberty and we all know it should not be leaking oil like it does...yet. It is also unfair that you have to endure this B.S. I feel for you, us technicians sincerely wish you had no problems with your car...and if you did, we wish we could get paid to fix it. The root of the problem is your dealership and its management. Sad to say this but either you get action from the GENERAL MANAGER or OWNER in a way you want or you will have to file a complaint legally and/or get corporate involved. Don't waste your time with anyone else like service manager or whatever, they have their hands tied. Good luck and hope this is resolved. (And ...screw that private garage guy you talked to...HE should know better, heck, EVEN HE would not find your oil problem unless you paid him, does that make him a "lazy parts-changer"???)
I have a 2010 Liberty and see oil spotting in the same location as the original poster. Thought it might be an oil seal. Returned to the dealer several times and they say it is due to sloppy filling at oil changes. I did not believe that, but now see that is what it has to be. I notice the spots when parked on an incline, front up. After a long road trip there was no loss of oil measured on the dip stick. Anyone know if there is a place below the oil fill where oil might pool up? I'd like to try and fill it with JB Weld or something similar and see if that resolves it. If not, then it is back to the dealer.
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