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Q: Oil leak then stopped running on 1999 Toyota Camry

Two days ago, I discovered an oil leak. Checked the oil and it was still on the full mark. Today, it cranked and I droved about 3 miles and it stopped running. The engine tries to start, but won't turn over. I discovered where the oil leak is at - behind the top of the engine block is this a seal, or the head gasket?
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theres 2 spots it could be leaking from valve cover at the very top of the engine or it could be a head gasket , which would be more in the middle of the engine . if the oil leak is minor , try using pennzoil high mileage oil , it does work wonders on engine oil leaks , i use it on my engine , and before i had my motor stroked , it almost closed all the leaks , and i had alot of leaks on the engine .
it won't restart at all. I had my sons pull me back home. It has new battery and all the plug thingies (sorry, I don't know the correct names) are seated good. Someone suggested some sort of distributor seal and/or head gasket. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned my income tax return while within hearing distance of my car.
well a leaky gasket wouldnt cause an enigne to stop running . now when you try to start it does the engine turn over with out starting , or does it just click ?
it turns over without it is not sparking, igniting, or whatever you call it. It is like there is power (battery, starter) but no kick or engagement.

It has over a quarter tank gas, and full oil. Could it be a fuel filter or fuel pump? I read somewhere that if the distributor is bad or the seal is leaking, that it won't start. Where is that located on the engine? Thanks for the help.
Maybe the oil leak and the no start aren't related. My guess is crank or cam position sensors if not those then timing belt. Timing belt happened to me on my wife's PT Cruiser.
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