Q: oil leak on bottom/white smoke/ smells on 2001 Ford Taurus

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i was driving to work today on the freeway and i saw my car smoking. when i got to work i popped the hood and it was coming from the bottom of the car. The smoke was white and smelled bad. I looked at the bottom and saw it was an oil leak. Im not sure where its coming from. i checked everything at the top and it was nothing up there. Where should i start. Could it be the oil gasket???
(2) Answers
Could be a number of seals. It could be your spark plug gaskets. If oil gets under the gasket, it will be burned off and can still leak out of the valve cover gasket. Also check your oil fill cap, although simple... it could be loose causing oil to come of there also. Last it could be a valve cover gasket, where oil can escape from there too. They are all near the top of the motor. Hope this helps anyone