Q: Oil leak and tapping sound on 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

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i have just bought the Hyundai santa fe 2003. I noticed an oil leak on the front side near the bumper and on the ground. It looks reddish in color. I also noticed a tapping sound when I started the car, the noise is coming from near the belts on the left hand side if the engine. Help! Have I bought a nightmare
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You may have bought a nightmare; not entirely sure. Certainly - should have a total vehicle evaluation, preferably before you take the plunge...

But, since you're at this point - the reddish fluid leak is probably transmission fluid, leaking at a transmission fluid cooler line. Or the cooler itself. It will need to be inspected to see what will be needed to secure the leak. Could be a simple clamp, could be as complex as a cooler replacement.

Tapping sound...really going to need to be heard by a qualified technician first hand. Click on this link to get a listing of some shops near you...